Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just me being real

I just made a meatloaf for dinner and should be peeling the potatoes, but while I was loading and washing dishes my voice started running through my head. Not some kind of crazy, commit me, I'm losing it voice. My Blog voice. It's this little voice that starts spewing out all kinds of stories and things I could write about on my blog. I love that voice. I feel like I have lost it for a week or so, and I probably will every month (the only thing I hate about being a woman). I read in Life Artist that everyone goes through cycles of creativity, and that you should embrace this and work with it, knowing that if your mojo is gone, it's not gone for good. I also love knowing that this is the real me: the one who loves playing with her kids, loves creating, is balanced, free flowing, calm, patient, centered. Not that crazy, uptight, uncomfortable-in-her-own-skin, screaming banshee woman whose ugly head rears itself monthly. I need to remind myself of that often.

Enough about all that. Yesterday, I took a mini creativity field trip from my own desk chair and landed on the anthropologie website. Found lots of inspiration--colors, patterns, textures. Makes me want to whip out the brushes, dust of a canvas, and shake up some acrylic paint.

PS I love the Wye Valley Dress, and feel a field trip to the mall coming on just so I can try it on. Chill out, Perry, I won't be buying it: there aren't any garden parties on my calendar!

This is the cover to the card organizer I made for a class. Found the design on a card on SplitCoast (my go-to place for stamping ideas and inspiration) as well as the directions to create it. Loving my Bind-it-All!

The inside: one sheet of 12x12 double-sided cardstock creates each page which has pockets on both sides for storing cards by the month--super easy, fast, and fun!

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