Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December is Eating Me Alive!

I am grabbing the few seconds I have before I rush my little guy off to school and head to the big guy's class to volunteer. I have been wanting to share video footage of the XLO Accoustic Christmas concert from last week. It was so fabulous to have my new mini camcorder to capture pieces of this amazing night. Here's a vid (not the best quality, sorry, we were 15 rows from the stage) of Ingrid singing possibly my favorite song of hers (but it's so hard to choose, really). She was phenomenal! I'll upload more when December stops gnawing on me!

Scroll down a tad to pause my music.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December!

So excited to start our December Daily to record and celebrate our family traditions during this holiday season.

Day One:

Traditions. I love traditions--little rituals that are repeated year after year. Growing up, our holidays were filled with traditions: opening the little paper doors on the advent calendar to get the chocolate treat hidden behind; attending church on Christmas Eve; listening to John Denver's Christmas album while waiting for Christmas Eve guests to arrive; Grandpa greeting us at the bottom of the stairs on Christmas morning to see our faces light up at the sight of our gifts under the tree; Christmas dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's house and bringing a favorite toy along with which to play; going to Auntie Carol's and Uncle Don's Christmas night and opening yet one last gift left there by Santa; filling up on homemade Christmas cookies (esp. Ethel's Sugar Cookies).

Since starting our own family, I have worked to establish some traditions that will help create warm memories for the boys: pictures with Santa, baking holiday cookies, decorating a gingerbread house, exchanging holiday ornaments symbolic of the year, creating and sending holiday cards, counting down the days to Christmas with daily toys and treats, lots of Christmas music playing all month long.

This year the boys took it upon themselves to write notes and cards to each other (and us) and tuck them into the stockings hanging on the fireplace. I hope they keep this up all month. And I have started yet another tradition of reading a Christmas story each night until Christmas. Tonight we read Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear and Silent Night, Holy Night.
Traditions are a big part of this holiday season, and crucial to keeping the memories of this precious time in our hearts.