Monday, September 28, 2009

10 Things I love about Me

I typically don't go around declaring what I love about myself, but this is a shameless blogpost of self-love so that I may have that much more of a chance to win a scrapbooking kit from Dixie Pieces (what one won't do for some scrapbooking product!). Anywho, here goes:

I love:
10. that I am creative
9. my fingernails (get these from my mom)
8. ok, this is harder than I thought, ability to organize, yeah, I really love that about me--I'm good at organizing.
7. that I gave birth to three beautiful boys without any pain meds (and without kicking my hubby in the you know whats!)
6. my emotionalness (is that even a word?) I cry during movies, the news, a good song, while reading books, blogs, looking at my children, just about anything can move me to tears.
5. that I can still do a cartwheel
4. that I see the glass as half-full, always
3. that I'm independent
2. my sense of humor (get this from my Dad)
1. and the number one thing I love about me: hmmm...I can make up recipes that taste halfway decent sometimes (just don't ask me to replicate them, 'cause I don't measure anything!)

Instead of blogging tonight I...

cleaned out my inbox from 480 messages to 40--ooh that feels so good!

I might be onto something here: the anti-blog. Since I am having so much trouble making time for this little blog (which I hold so dear, really, I do) in my life, perhaps I should list the reasons for why I am not writing my Remember Todays. Yep, maybe that'll work!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Right Now, I am

  1. settling into our fall routines, despite L already missing two days of school.
  2. praying for a list of people longer than I wish it to be, all with health issues, some very serious.
  3. chipping away at a list of chores a mile long, slowly,
  4. overwhelmed with the number of creative projects I need/want to work on, many of which center on the holidays, which will be here before I know it!
  5. closing the door to a small piece of my life (being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator), and watching for the window to open.
  6. doing some soul searching about where I want to head in the next couple of years
  7. in constant awe of the creative talent that exists in this world, many of which I see from everyday people following their creative hearts.
  8. feeling like I am ready for something big to find me.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Remember Today 9.9.09

{remember} realizing how much I am enjoying our new routine: one-on-one time with M, time for just me, and quality time with L & C in the evenings. Having them gone all day, makes our time together more special. I miss them!

Remember Today 9.8.09

{remember} Camden admitting to me as he makes an attempt to stay home from school that "the real reason [he doesn't] want to go to school is because he misses me." Thanks so much for your honesty buddy. Here's a humungous hug, now off to school with you!

Remember Today 9.7.09

{remember} taking a walk in the woods with my boys. So nice to spend time together as a family getting up close and personal with Mother Nature. The boys totally love this kind of thing--they are such little explorers that thrive on adventure. So sad I did not bring my camera--next time.