Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am an artist

I've been totally engrossed with Life Artist. In an effort to absorb so many of Ali's inspiring ideas, I will share some of my favorites so far:
  • Celebrate the everyday (already doing this in my "Remember Today" posts--yippee!)
  • Let go of perfection
  • Cultivate a creative lifestyle
  • Scrapbook rule free; it is ok; just be; let it go
  • Get to work making stuff; using supplies, not hoarding them, is freeing
  • Create in a way that reflects you at this very moment (don't wait until that perfect idea, or think that something better will come along to make a layout right)
  • Post the words "I am creative" or "I am an artist" someplace you look everyday
  • Keep cool ideas and inspiration in a notebook (love this! starting this, more on it later)
  • Take a creativity field trip: bookstore, antique shop, walk in the park, etc
  • Go beyond the scrapbook page to create life art to display; use something found at a yard sale, flea market, antique shop
  • Go through a stack of photos (old or new) and jot down notes. Take your time and go deeper than the surface of the photograph
  • Take a class: pottery, knitting, photography, writing, painting. . .
  • Use alphabet index dividers to create a "little things" album about yourself or someone you love. Use 4x6 dividers and a hole punch with binder rings and add to it continuously(will be doing this one)
  • Layouts don't need to have photos

All this in just the first 2 chapters!

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