Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Warning: Hormone-Induced Post Ahead

I've been feeling down lately.
Not at all myself.
Overwhelmed, frustrated, impatient, sad, angry, disconnected, and stretched really thin.

But tonight I had dinner at my mom & dad's, shared in my dad's excitement at the boat he's building, ate a delicious meal made by Mom with love (and I didn't even clean up after. I always clean up after.), saw my little nephew who is just too cute for words.
I sat and did nothing.
It felt good.
Really good.

Then I came home, got the boys showered and tucked into bed and sat in front of my computer for a little me time before tackling this clutterd house. I read someone's scrapbook journaling about surviving terminal cancer and "saying yes to life." I read this blog entry from a mom who was having a bad day and "prayed for kindness today. For the words that come out of my mouth to be soft spoken. For the motive behind my actions to be love. Clearly love."
And I can't help but think that these are all signs.
Little signals from some greater source that come at just the moment you need them.
Like a hand reaching down to pull you back up again.
The whisper in your ear that everything will be ok.

We all have bad days. Nobody's life is creamsicles and cookie dough all the time. And these sprinklings of rough times remind me of the good in my life. Lets me see the positive with more appreciative eyes. And allows me to be more compassionate and gentler with others (and myself).

Here's to the creamsicle-filled days ahead!


Marcy said...

I'm so sorry that you were feeling down. But I'm glad that you found the way to see more clearly that it will be alright. Treat yourself well...and enjoy those creamsicle days ahead!

Jack said...

Love your blog, Michelle. Nice work...and your boys are cute as can be.

Good to see Ron builidng a boat.

- Jack M (you know which one)

jenna said...

sometimes a little dose of zac is all you need! he's already asking to go to go to his cousins house to play and eat lunch and do squirt guns....say when! =)

glad you're feeling better..some days are just like that...but there's always the next day...

kate said...

Michelle, you are so deserving of feeling a little down every so often! With all that you do, and all of the people you care for, it is natural that during the tougher times (especially when everyone has been sick all month) you might begin to feel overwhelmed, worn out, uninspired and just plain depressed.

The important thing is that you know how to lift yourself back up again. It would be fantastic if there was always someone else there to do it for us, but that isn't alwasy the case. You looked elsewhere for glimses of hope and motivation and you found it, and it helped you to pull yourself up! I hope that today and tomorrow and all of the days ahead find you feeling stronger, at peace, creative and most importantly, content.

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

keep smiling, michelle! you are a great lady, so kind, creative, funny, clever, and I am glad to have gotten to know you! :) Kym

ps- sorry about the phone issue yesterday. it all happened when i was placing an order at the dd drive thru , must figure out a way to disable the buttons on my phone! i must have sounded like a crazy woman!!!