Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A recap

Wow! Where has the month of June gone? Here's a bit of what I've been working on this month (and it certainly hasn't been my blogs!):
  • cleaning up my stUdio to get ready for some serious creating this summer and definitely this fall when all three kiddos will be in school for the first time,
  • easing through the transition from school year to summer vacation,
  • taking a trip to Storyland and Santa's Village (our favorite family place as of yet),
  • focusing on spending quality time with the boys, living in the moment, cherishing these carefree summer days,
  • finishing (truly) a wedding project that began over a year ago,
  • making lists: what we want to do this summer, to-do's, projects for the fall, pages to scrapbook, blog entries to write, crafts to do with the kids, stuff I want to look for when I go antiquing,
  • getting the boys bedrooms in order,
  • affirming for the third year that our blow-up pool in the backyard was the best $23 we ever spent,
  • reading.

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