Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh, how I miss you!

I am still here. I guess you could say I'm on *holiday* (can you tell I was speaking with someone who just moved here from the UK?). Our days have been filled with friends, swimming, outings, appointments, playdates, etc. And let's just say, all this Mommy-time doesn't leave much room for blogging-time. So, just a quick note to say we are here and well, and having a super fun-filled summer. Have to get back to the kiddos who are tranforming their Matchbox cars with Sharpies and paint pens in a process they call "fusion at the paint shop". So much to blog about--I've been keeping a list. Can't wait to get back here, and more importantly back in the stUdio that has seen many lonely nights for too long.

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Kayla said...

Yeah...you stopped by for a visit:)