Tuesday, February 17, 2009

These days

this little guy can't get enough of the computer:

We call this nook "behind the wall." It's always been a catch-all for the large toys that don't fit into the playroom cabinets. A while back the boys helped me move the computer from Camden's bedroom where it was just another piece of furniture I had to dust to "behind the wall" where it gets way more use. This computer is a dinosaur and the monitor is even older. There's no internet access, no printer hook up, but for now it's serving its purpose, especially for Maddox, who feels so grown-up maneuvering the mouse around the screen. Logan is hoping Santa will bring a computer that he can use his Funkeys on (this one is painfully slow), and Camden's figuring if you're going to bother asking for a big ticket item like a computer, might as well go for the full Monty: a laptop "so I can carry it around with me."

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