Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remember Today 2.15.09

{remember} watching Camden at his very first ice skating lesson--the entire family went to see him take to the ice. We were so proud of how well he did (and fearful that hockey may just be his sport afterall).

The first lesson consisted of learning how to stand up: start on your bottom with your legs out in front (a natural falling down position!), swing legs around to kneel like a doggie, put one knee up, give a big push, and stand up tall. Camden decided that one step was missing before the final stand tall: the "touch-your-toes-balance-check." Hey, whatever works, right. And of course, it wouldn't be Camden doing a sport if his "fierce" competetiveness didn't come through. It didn't matter that the two children he was "racing" against were twice his height (and probably twice his age), he scooted across the ice as fast as his little legs would shuffle with one eye in front of him and the other peering over his shoulder to see what kind of a lead he had!

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