Tuesday, February 10, 2009

. . . it's my birthday too, yeah. . .

Things that made my birthday special:

* Perry's happy birthday hug and kiss this morning
*The boys making me birthday "cards" without Perry even mentioning it
*Maddox getting into preschool via the lottery drawn on tv this morning
*Camden & Maddox periodically telling each other "You can't cry on Mom's birthday!"
*Opening my email to find oodles of Happy Birthday wishes
*Coming home from L & C's swim lessons to lots of Happy Birthday messages on my machine
*Not having to cook because I did a crock pot meal
*My Mom & Dad taking the boys and I out for ice cream (I regret opting for the Jim Dandy Jr. I could've taken on the Jim Dandy--the mac-daddy of all sundaes--really I could have. My 35 year old hips (and butt, and thighs, and gut) are thanking me for not making the attempt.
*Feeling grateful for everyone who made my day so special

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