Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 Random Things

I've been getting a bunch of tags for this lately, so here goes:

25 Random Things about me:

1) I married my high school sweetheart.
2) I always thought I'd be mom to girls, and ended up with 3 fabulously fun boys.
3) I would love to go back to school for Art/Graphic Design.
4) I'm addicted to Baked Lay's.
5) I can't sleep without socks on my feet.
6) I organize everything I can according to rainbow order.
7) I stuck a green blueberry up my nose when I was 3.
8) I rammed a pen through the roof of my mouth when I was 3.
9) I had a spinal tap when I was 4 to diagnose JRA and can't imagine all that my parents went through now that I'm a parent.
10) I lived at college, but came home nearly every weekend.
11) I was proposed to at the end of the jette I climbed on when I was a little girl.
12) I've never done drugs, but I have smoked a handful of cigarettes.
13) I've never broken a bone or had surgery.
14) My first wisdom tooth is coming in now, at age 34.
15) I have a huge sweet tooth.
16) I met my husband working at the grocery store.
17) I was petrified of all bugs until I taught an insect class to first and second graders.
18) I worked the middle of the night shift at my college dorm's front desk.
19) I learned to ride two-wheels on a purple bike with a white sparkly banana seat.
20) I've been wearing contacts since the 7th grade.
21) I became an aunt in 8th grade.
22) I've been on a plane 4 times: Vegas with my aunt to visit my aunt and uncle in 8th grade, San Fran to see my best friend in 11th grade, Boulder for my cousin's confirmation, and Antigua for our honeymoon.
23) I've never been to Disney.
24) I was never a night owl until I had children.
25) I only get my haircut about once a year.

This list makes a great scrapbook page topic. So quick, go grab a pen and paper and make yours. Don't forget to send it to me!

2 comments: said...

I thought the same thing about the scrapbook page when I made mine!!! Still enjoy looking at your blog!!! :)

Life Made Creations said...

Hi Shannon,
So glad you're stopping by my blog! When I do my 25 things page, I'll be sure to post it. This is good motivation to get it done!