Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Remember Today 2.11.09

{remember} getting a little further in my digital photo organization project--this is going to take a while! Here's my system, in case you're curious:

My Pictures>year (2007)>photo shoot and date (5-21 boys on swings). Putting the date first with the month's number makes them automatically sort chronologically--nice!

Since I organized my paper photos by date (because they pretty much come that way when you get the film developed), I'm hoping it's only logical to do my digital ones this way as well. Of course you don't really know if something is going to work until you actually try it. After the hours I'm putting into this, it had better work!

After I sort the two years worth of photos (I'm glad now that it took me so long to convert to digital), I will use ACDSee to tag each of my photos so that I'll be able to do searches to pull up all photos of Logan and Karate. Ahhh, it all sounds so good!

What's your system and do you love it?

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