Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Creations

Some fun gifts for Valentine's Day:

Pop top can filled with Dove chocolate hearts: Use a safety can opener to cut off the bottom of the can. Remove contents and wash and dry can thoroughly. Cut strips of patterned paper to wrap around can (regular weight, not cardstock, works best). Cut or punch a circle approx 2" in diameter and snip off one edge approx 3/8" (this will fit under the pop tab). Adhere papers, tie ribbon on tab, and fill with goodies. Flip over and use four small beads of hot glue to fasten the bottom back on the can. Embellish as desired (here a heart).

$1.00 Target mailboxes: Gotta love the Target Dollar Spot. This is actually last year's design because in my rush to package this year's up, oh at about 6:30 this morning, I forgot to snap pictures. Thank goodness I saved a sample! Cover the body of the box with 12" patterned or stamped paper cut to just shy (like 1/16") of 4". The trickiest part: measure up 3" and cut a 1"slit. Then punch a square or circle at the end to allow for the flag. I didn't do this here and you can see a bit of the mess (probably why I saved this one as a sample). The rest is just trace and cover (the two ends), embellish (the flower, and words) and adhere. Don't forget a cute something on the flag. Again, filled with chocolates--is there anything better on Valentine's Day?!

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