Monday, February 25, 2008

For the love of the bean

I don't know who invented the jelly bean, but I am forever indebted to him or her, specifically the Jelly Belly jelly bean. There is no better candy on earth than the Jelly Belly bean. I have forgotten in the time since last spring just how scrumptiously fun these little beans are. I picked up 3 pounds of them yesterday and have tried to contain myself from sneaking handfuls of them at all hours of the day from 9:30 this morning--is that too early for candy? to 6:15 tonight while dinner was cooking (sshh, don't tell the boys). They were also a great snack, savored one at a time during the Oscars last night.

With 50 flavors (though mine only have 49, I wonder which one is missing, hmmm) how can you not find one you like? Some of my favorites: cappuccino, peach, wild blackberry, strawberry cheescake, strawberry jam, blueberry, and my all time fav, black licorice. Tonight after dinner the boys and I sat, each with a pile of beans in front of us, matching up our colors and popping the same ones into our mouths. We tried to identify the flavors and decided which ones we really liked. Logan's was, hands down, Vanilla Bean (no surprise here, it's also his favorite ice cream, yogurt, cake, and even Oreo). Camden liked Buttered Popcorn, but couldn't find any that he didn't like. And Maddox, well Maddox liked App-pear-cappu-cinna, lem-utti-rasp-blue-shmallow-punch (one fistful straight into the mouth)!
A picture of my beans because at this rate they won't be around much longer.

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