Friday, February 22, 2008

They're baaaack!

My Mom took Logan and Camden for a special overnight visit last night. It was so nice to have alone time with Maddox. We were able to play, dance, and roll around on the floor without someone mistaking it for a wrestling match and diving in for a tackle. I also came to an important realization: it's not me leaving the room that makes him cry, but rather that I have left him alone with his older brothers, and the possible terrorism that may ensue that triggers the cry response in him. He plugged in Big & Rich by himself and I actually went off to do a few things. When I returned from Target, um I mean from upstairs (ha!), he was contently watching the TV. No crying, no whining, no screaming, no shrieking. I probably could have ran those errands to the grocery store and Target--heck, he knows how to push play again when the DVD ends! He was so happy, and soaking up the peace and quiet as much as I was. But all good things must come to an end. And now, like the Poltergeist that terrorized little Carole Anne, "they're baaaack", and with them has come the bickering, yelling, running, and fighting.

But for all the quiet that the past 24 hours held, I can't imagine this house with anything less than these three boys filling each room with their craziness (and their toys!). And I know Maddox missed them because he asked for them exactly three times: at dinner, at bath, and at breakfast the next morning--"Where's Logan and Camden? They sleeping?" me: "No, they're at Grandma's." him: "No, I think they sleeping." me: "They're not sleeping, they're at Grandma's." him: "I think they hiding. They playing hide and seek." Guess he was in denial.

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