Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pieces of Me

A quick little project I started last night:

This is a small ringed binder I picked up at Target's Dollar Spot (can I ever walk into Target and walk by this little area?!). It was an ugly orange color (some of which you can still see on the inside cover--need to do a bit of touch-up) that I sanded and painted "baby pink" with acrylic. The torn out page from a recent Pottery Barn Kids catalog that I was using to cover up my workspace became the inspiration for the cover motif. You never know when a piece of trash will become the basis for your next creation! So I punched white circles, stamped a title ("pieces of me") and used one of the cutie owls from my Hambly rub-ons. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to use something from my stash that I just love. I have to quiet that voice that asks, "Is this project worth that really cute owl? What if you need it for another project and you've wasted it here?" I have learned that there will always be something else for that next project. Use what you love now, because before too long you'll be loving something else. Disclaimer: I only feel this way about scrapbooking supplies! Anyway, back to the book. To ground the punched circles in my title I penned rings around the outside edges. Love this very easy and effective technique. The purpose of this book (another Ali inspired project): to house the little, well, "pieces of me". It contains indexed alphabet dividers. So far I have a photo of the boys that's been kicking around my workspace under 'B', and the Starbucks cup wrap under 'S'.

From Life Artist: "It's a simple, quick way to feel like you're doing something, recording something, documenting some part of your life as you experience it. It's a book that can grow and change right along with you. It's also a wonderful way to create in a continuous way, a way to go with the flow and record what's happening as it happens."p. 44 Love it. . .

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