Saturday, April 4, 2009

Remember Today 4.4.09

{remember} yet another cheesecake fiasco. Remember this one. Well, I've managed to botch another cheescake. Our back doorknob suddenly stopped turning this afternoon with no warning what-so-ever. Shouldn't something that you use every single day give you some kind of a heads-up before it just quits working on you?! Anyway, my cheesecake, which might have been a bit overcooked as I was busy getting the boys showered, jammied, and brushed while it baked, had just gone under the broiler. C was on the phone with P telling him about said door and I busied myself trying to figure out how to open said door, rather than watching my cheesecake grow "attractive spots of brown." Something smelled a bit off. "Oh, (insert bad word muttered under breath), the cheesecake!" as I leap over two children and throw open the oven door. Forget the brown spots, this thing was blackened and in flames!! Lots of bad words trying to force their way from my lips as I put every effort into keeping it PG-13 for my kids. "Shoot, fffff, crap, damn" and lots of grumbles and groans as I scrape the singed top off and hope that the rest of it doesn't taste like an ashtray. It's only for my family, and if it tastes like we're chewing cigarettes, they'll still love me anyway.

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