Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day Five: Feeling a change

It's funny how I started this 37 Day challenge with some hesitation and doubt. I wasn't all pumped and geared up, I didn't glorify how wonderful the whole thing would be, I wasn't 100% motivated, and certainly not 100% sure I could even do it. But now 5 days into it, I'm feeling really good. When I had Logan, I would scrapbook every waking moment he was asleep. By his first birthday I was totally caught up on his first year. Crazy, I know. Somewhere between child one and child three, my page production decreased dramatically (gee, I wonder why!) Anyway, my point is, this 37 day challenge has put me back in touch with the "getting it done" part of scrapbooking. These past few days I haven't just been thinking about the pages I want to create, I've been creating them. I'm thinking that all these years of stewing in my own creative juices is culminating in these 37 days (and beyond) of delicious production. That's my philosophical rant for Day 5. Here's my page.

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