Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Three: In a Pinch

Tonight was scrapbooking night. I get together with a group of friends every other Thursday night to scrapbook, or work on whatever project people have going (organizing photos, children's party invites, knitting, whatever). I look forward to this night, to laughing with friends (man do we have some good ones!), and I know that I rarely get much scrapbooking done. I am a peace-and-quiet, thinking-without-distraction kind of scrapbooker. Well, it was 10:30 tonight, a couple of people had left, and I still had not done my page. As one friend pointed out, "You have an hour and a half left." Nearly ready to ditch the night, I turned to my "Pages in Progress" album where I have lots of layouts in various stages of completion. Some just needed titles and/or journaling, some need embellishments. I pulled one that had a sketch, 4 photos, a sheet of background paper, a stamped and punched circle accent, and a scrap of corrugated packing material I thought would make a cool embellishment. I had gathered up these items probably over two years ago and slipped them into this page protector. Well, this little bit of PRE-planning saved me from the failure that could have been Day Three. A bit of paint, some ABC stamps, and adhesive and this page was done with plenty of time to spare (which I used to write some heartfelt journaling). Take that, Day Three!

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