Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember Today 4.29.09

{remember} getting Maddox out of the car to take him to school and a little conversation that went something like this:

Me: Come on, buddy

Him: Come on, Yease (not sure of the spelling of this one but rhymes with grease)

Me: Yease, who's yease?

Him: He's a mouse.

Me: A mouse, and what does he do?

Him: He's a fireman and he gets all the sticks.

Me: A fireman , but he's a mouse?

Him: Yeah, and he wears a flat hat like this [pushes palm of hand into his forehead].

Me: Oh, so he gets sticks?

Him: Yeah and dandelions. He gets all the sticks and dandelions.

Me: And what does he do with all the sticks and dandelions.

Him: He throws the sticks in the woods. And he throws the dandelions into the woods, too.

Me: Aaah, interesting

This kid cracks me up. He's always making up little crazy stories like this. I need to write more of them down. . .

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kate said...

Too funny! Maddox definately sounds like he has a great imagination! The artshow went well, it was so great to get away, I feel so refreshed this week and ready to take on the world again...I hope you are doing well!