Monday, January 31, 2011

Resolution Check-In

Well, we're one month into twenty-11, so let's take a look at how my high hopes for the year are doing, shall we?
  1. create everyday--{check} this will be my "safety" for the year, the one that above all else will stick
  2. remember today--{umm, almost check?} I'm not at 100%, but I'm a lot better off than I was last year!
  3. be more efficient and productive--{check} I think I'm doing pretty good here, as long as you can count playing Cover Orange and Cut the Rope on my i-pod as productive!
  4. drink more water--{ugh!} you would think this would be a no brainer, but I struggle so badly with this one
  5. exercise regularly--{nope} I did go to Pilates once this month; if number one is my safety, this one is my "reach"
  6. have more patience--{yes!} number one is helping a great deal with this.  Loving my life helps, too!
  7. catch up on unfinished projects--{kinda} "catch-up" was my word for the month of January, and I had high hopes of completing lots of unfinished projects.  I didn't anticipate how many new projects January was going to throw at me.  I did manage to get all my 2010 photos organized and backed-up, no small feat, really. Which brings us to number 8:
  8. organize and back-up photos monthly--{yup} January is caught up too!
  9. learn something new every week--{hmmmm} I bet I have, like the other day when I learned about QR codes and created one for my blog address (see above)
  10. send more cards--{whoops!} gotta get better at this one!
  11. teach more classes--dropped the ball on this one 
  12. read one book a month--{check} but admittedly, it was my second reading of said book
  13. complete 120 LO's this year--{yippee!} 10 down, right on track for the year
  14. complete an art journal--{uh uh} did one page, but I really want to fit this into my creative routine--working on this for Feb.
Well, the year is young.  There's 11 more months to perfect my resolutions!

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