Saturday, January 15, 2011


I love lists.  Lists keep me organized, motivate me, and even let me sleep better at night.  Lists are quick to write, don't require a lot of words, or even a lot of thinking.  Lists can be utilitarian, like those for the grocery store, reminding, like those to-do ones, or recording, like those that name the books you've read or the cities you've visited.

Tonight I visited an inspiring blog, and thought I would adopt her idea for a bit.  She (Sherri Pelletier) did 52 lists last year, and she created each one on a mini-art journal page.  Here's the beginning of her project, and here is the ending.  I am smitten with this idea.  Sometimes I can come up with my own ideas, and well, sometimes others ideas are just too good to pass up because of the mere fact that they are not my own.
So here's my first list for 2011.  Not sure I'll be able to turn these into little works of art like Sherri, but at least my lists will be recorded:

What is on my desk right now:
  • roll of crepe paper in turquoise
  • pack of 4x6 photo paper
  • calculator
  • empty tp roll
  • bottle of tacky glue tipped on its side
  • corner rounder
  • printed photo of my hobbies
  • clipboard with calendar
  • 4 CK magazines
  • ATG gun
  • package of multi colored binder rings
  • ear phones for ipod
  • memory card reader
  • post-it notes
  • 18" metal ruler
  • book of to-do lists
  • paper trimmings
  • Colorbok punchout pad
  • Collage Unleashed book
  • envelope mini album
  • sketch book
  • can of spray adhesive
  • paper doll notecards and envelopes (a gift from a friend)
  • CK Manchester calendar of classes
  • spool of pink gingham check ribbon
  • and then all the other stuff that always sits on my desk: paper trimmer, cup of pens and tools, inspiration and sketch books of all kinds, external had drive, mini photo printer, laptop, set of drawers, telephone, wooden organizer, pack of pens,

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