Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011! {and hello to you, long lost little blog}

Somewhere along the way, this little blog got pushed to the way-side,
shoved into a dusty corner and forgotten
to other more seemingly important tasks.
And I miss it.
I miss taking a moment to reflect on the beauty of the day;
to jot down something that I learned,
or a reminder of how each day is a gift,
or a snippet of a moment that would have otherwise been forgotten.

I miss looking back over the photographs of the everyday bits and pieces from our lives,
photographs of people who will look completely different in a year or two,
pieces of our lives that will never be quite like this again.

So this year, this brandy new, fresh and open year
I am making a promise to myself and to this blog
to dust off the {remember today's} and get back to posting here.
I promise.


Kayla said...

Welcome Back! We missed it too.

kate said...

I missed blogging too, but I am also determined to make a fresh start for 2011!!! I look forward to checking back here with you too! Missed you!