Saturday, January 1, 2011

January's word: Catch-Up

Last year I took on a word for the year.  I though about it, reflected on it, pondered it, strived for it, and held it close all year.  It worked out ok, but partway through the year I felt a bit locked in.  I wanted to work on other words, I wanted to focus on other areas, I wanted more.

This year, I have decided to take on a word of the month.  For the month, I will focus on this word, I will carry it into my daily living, I will sleep with it by my side at night, I will work with it and mold it into my being.

I'm easing my way into the year with an easy, not deep, no-nonsense, nothing glamorous or dramatic, word.  My word for January is

C letter A letter T c letter H
letter U Flying P

Maybe it's the feeling of coming off of the holiday rush of craziness, and that I feel like I can breathe a bit.  I feel a sort of energy around completing tasks that have been pushed aside.

Here's to January and catching-up!

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