Monday, September 8, 2008

Remember Today 9.8.08

{remember} something about each boy today:

Logan--the whole "no one loves their mom like boys do" thing has started (finally--only took 7 years!). Logan told me I didn't have to read to him if my throat hurt, he would read to himself. And he offered me his chair at Camden's soccer practice: "Mom, you can sit in the chair, I'll sit in the grass." Hold on while I dust of my princess tiara, I haven't worn it since 1991 (a year after Perry and I started dating).

Camden--giving me the full report on the Patriot's game including Tom Brady's injury. "He had to go to the hospital. I want to go visit him in the hospital. They still won 10 to 17. You know what I think? I think the rest of the players played their hardest and did their best because Tom Brady wasn't there." When he heard that Brady would have surgery and be out for the rest of the season, his jaw dropped with a look of total devastation then all he could do was pout his lips and shake his head in sorrow.

Maddox--getting through his entire swim class with just a tiny bit of shaking (not sure if it was from cold or nerves), a small amount of death grip on my fingers, a little teense of arm lynching of my neck, and absolutely no real tears. He did ask me several times "when this gonna be all done?" He even jumped in five times despite asking me hours before the class if he would have to jump in and repeating "I don't want to jump in. How will I get in the pool?" So he survived, I think he even really enjoyed it--took some doing to get him out of the water when the class ended--and he wants to do it again next week.

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