Saturday, September 20, 2008

All in a Day's Work

Today was just one of those crazy, jam-packed weekend days. So I'll keep it all safe here for a future scrapbook page. Take a deep breath, here goes:
7:14 am: wake in Maddox's bed to him crawling on top of me and exclaiming "Look, mommy, it's a bunk bed." He's not only clever, he's hungry.

Kisses for the other boys and downstairs to make Cinnabon Muffins for breakfast, unload and reload the dishwasher.

Upstairs to take a shower and make sure the boys are ready. Rush to the bedroom window to Perry's calls to "come quick, look."

8:55 am: out the door with L & C for L's rock wall climbing class at the Y

9:15: sitting in a sweltering, sun-filled room unzipping and organizing digital files on my computer while watching Logan make complex knots, and helping Camden with his math workbook pages.

9:45: still unzipping in between jumping up to take shots of Logan climbing and summiting the wall

11:15: back home, wash dishes from muffin baking
11:40: retrieve L & C from the pile of dirt in the neighbors driveway where they've been playing with trucks, scrub their hands and feet (did I mention they took their shoes off while there)

12:00: make, serve, and clean up lunch for the three boys and myself. Fold laundry so boys can put it away. Get Logan and Camden in soccer uniforms

1:10: back in the car with Logan and off to the soccer field for his 1:30 game

1:35: have a slight panic attack before I settle into the R & R that being sans kiddos at soccer brings. Wonderful to see Logan play soccer, and actually be able to pay 100% attention to the game, and cheer him on.

2:55: home again, speed clean the kitchen, make two beds that didn't get made in the morning rush, pick up family room and playroom, put away clean and now dry dishes (I don't believe in towel drying dishes, the air works jsut fine!)

4:00 gather up jackets and pack camera and other supplies for an afternoon out.

4:13: Logan comes to me with a stuffy nose and cough and starts to cry when he says he can't go to the fair because he doesn't fell well.

4:14: Perry, Camden and Maddox come home to find me holding a crying Logan. Give Logan Motrin and cough medicine and hope for the best.

4:17: rest on the couch comforting Logan, cancel plans to meet friends at the fair, and turn on X Box for boys to play Cat in the Hat.

5:15 Meds have kicked in and Logan says he's well enough to go the fair, call friends to tell them we'll see them there, and head out.

5:35: Lots of games, jumpies, friends, food, and prizes for all

8:00: home with three tired boys and two exhausted parents, washing up, jammies, toothbrushing, books for Maddox, looking over "the loot" with L & C, prayers and favorites of the day, bed. Ahh. . .

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