Monday, April 28, 2008

Stamp Club

Every month, I get together with my Stamp Club (a small group of super talented women) and teach them a technique or card fold--basically whatever little diddy I can steal find inspiration from on Split Coast. This month we made a Flap Card. Once in a great while I have my wits about me at the end of the night to remember to take photos of their beautiful creations. I remembered tonight, so here they are:
Carol's Card:

Kim's Card:

See, I told you they were super talented. They used tiny magnets to close the cards, because that's what I gave them to use (because I could not locate the massive knot of Velcro that I thought I had in my messy, very-much-needs-to-be-reorganized-craft-closet).

What's so great about Stamp Club is that it forces me to create a sample (to make sure the card actually works, and to target troublespots that may come up) which then gets my creative juices flowing to make more cards. After Kim and Carol left, I created these two cards for my long, long overdue niece and nephew's birthdays:

And I managed to find my massive knot of Velcro to close the flaps on these so that gift cards can be tucked inside. It turns out it was not in my messy, very-much-needs-to-be-reorganized-craft-closet like I thought. I stashed it exactly in the spot I'd be least likely to look--next time maybe I'll look in the least likely spot first and save myself a heck of a lot of time.

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