Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Little Trooper

Nearly two years ago, Camden watched in horror as Logan got 3 vaccination shots at his 5-year check-up. Upon leaving the doctor's office, he announced emphatically that he did not want to turn 5. Although it doesn't seem possible that my little guy is 5, he is and today was the dreaded 5-year check-up. Thankfully his attitude toward the impending shots had changed, and he welcomed his fifth birthday with a Diego Safari party, lots of friends, and some much loved gifts.
This morning he asked me how many shots he would get. I replied 3 or 4. He said he hopes it's only 3, and after a short pause said, "Actually, I hope it's none." Always thinking, that kid! His little face as the nurses tag-teamed him with needles was set on not crying (he told me after he would have cried, but tried hard not to). He's such a little trooper. I asked him when it was over if it was worse or not as bad as he thought. "Worse," he said without hesitation and with a big pouty lip and sad eyes. Aaawww, this definitely called for a special lunch at Mickey D's. Nothing a little nuggets, fries, and chocolate milk can't fix. What's better: no more shots until he turns 12!!

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