Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Filling the bowl

I'm attempting to learn how to knit. When I was in second or third grade my grandmother taught me how to knit. I don't remember ever completing a project. Mostly I just knitted until I made a mistake, then unravelled it all and started again. It's no wonder I became bored with the craft and, until recently, would have never given knitting a second thought. But my good friend Kayla knitted (or is it knit?) an adorable purse, and although I dropped plenty of hints that I would love for her to make me one, maybe I just ought to learn for myself. So, the pressure's off, Kayla, you can go back to knitting matching mitten and scarf sets for your family.
After purchasing two sets of needles and a skein of yarn, unknotting a skein of yarn that's been sitting in a drawer for three years, and checking out a collection of learn-to-knit books (most of which I found in the children's section), I have embarked on the world of "stitch and bitch", purls, and cha-cha.

I am wondering what I am thinking starting a new hobby when I have plenty of hobbies to keep me busy (like scrapbooking the 57 envelopes of photos, not to mention the nearly 20 gig of photos sitting on my computer). Kayla says that knitting will help me tap into the creative side of my brain, and ultimately make me a better scrapbooker. Maybe it is my attempt to fill my empty, leak-free bowl that is feeling ready to accept something new and different.

My sister came up with quite a list of what my knitting might become: a bookmark, a table runner for a dollhouse table, a scarf for a Barbie doll. Yeah, she's a funny one. I hope I get her name for Christmas because she'll be getting a scarf, fully loaded with lots of mistakes!

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