Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember Today 11.20.08

{remember} how afraid Maddox is of Santa. Santa's coming is something that is mentioned at least once a day around here in one form or another: "Santa's watching" or "put that on your list for Santa." Today at the grocery store, M was coveting some Lindt foil wrapped snowmen chocolates. As I made a mental note about stocking stuffers, I told him we were not buying those today and he could ask Santa for them. "No, I'm too scared of Santa" was his reply. An hour and 45 minutes later from the backseat of the car on the way to the library comes his little voice: "Mommy, who will tell Santa I wanna have those chocolates? Will you tell him, cause I'm gonna be sleeping. I don't wanna see Santa when he comes." Precious, but I'm a bit nervous that someone may be too scared to sleep on Christmas Eve!

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