Thursday, March 13, 2008

Going Green

I heard the other night as I was half listening to the news that it takes something like 1,000 years for a plastic grocery bag to decompose, and burning them produces toxic gases. I try to opt for paper bags at checkout, but only remember when I'm not digging through my purse trying to find my credit card, keeping wandering fingers from touching (and opening) the candy bars, or supervising my little helpers who insist on putting the eggs and all glass jars on the register belt (so that's pretty much never). So today, I went green. I purchased those reusable green grocery bags. The "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" logo had me humming Jack Johnson through the store. And my weekly shopping, which averages about 17 plastic bags, fit into just 5 of these green babies. Five grocery bags meant only two trips from the car to the house rather than the usual 10. Who said it's not easy being green? Now I just have to remember to bring the bags into the store.

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