Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Traditions

I am a big fan of traditions, and Easter has its share of annual things to do. Here's a few from this year:

1. Photo with the Easter Bunny:

I am admittedly disappointed with this year's photo. First of all, notice anyone missing? Yes, my youngest who vowed he would not cry when he saw the bunny and psyched himself up during our 30 minute wait in line with the mantra, "I like the Easter Bunny. He's nice. I like the Easter Bunny. He's nice. I like. . ." burst into tears when we rounded the corner to greet the bunny for our turn. Oh well, there's always next year!

2. Photo shoot on the decorated staircase:

I have a dozen or so photos of my boys sitting in this spot with all the happy spring flowers, but this is my favorite. After all, it's all about the chocolate, isn't it? Amazing how quickly those tears dried up at the sight of the chocolate.

3. Coloring eggs

This year I got smart and boiled 13 eggs, because inevitably 1 always cracks. Why do I worry over how many eggs survive the coloring process? I have no idea! I guess I just like all the little slots to be filled in the egg carton.

4. The pre egg hunt photo:

I know, I torture the poor little things. But someday they'll thank me for snapping all those pictures of the cousins together on Easter. Note the shorts and t-shirts my two insisted on wearing even though it was like 30 outside.

5. The egg hunt:

I hope they never get too old for this!

6. The family photo shoot

This is pretty much the only photo of us that gets taken during the year, and let me tell you this photo gets lots of use (ie. goes into school whenever a family picture is needed for a project). Since going digital, I love that I can put the camera up on the tripod, set it to timer mode, snap away, and then check out the photo to be sure we caught a good one (not an easy feat with a family of five!)

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