Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snapshot Saturday 2.13.10

  • got his 4th perfect spelling test in a row
  • has a penpal in CT
  • "works out" in the basement flipping himself upside down on the exercise bar and running on the treadmill
  • takes a llllooooooooooonnnggg time to do his homework
  • plays songs by ear on his guitar
  • still asks me to pick him up once in a while
  • ran 3 miles on the treadmill
  • is getting sad that hockey is almost over
  • scores a goal (or 2) in hockey nearly every week
  • gives me a run for my money
  • loves his Daddy dearly
  • loves to "tustle" (basically wrestling his brothers to the floor)


  • draws amazing people and inspires me to draw more
  • calls me boss (you bet, boss), and Miss Michelle (ok, Miss Michelle) when I ask him to do something
  • has the naughtiest mouth: stupid, idiot, freaking
  • kisses me lots & pats my back when he hugs me
  • prefers to draw over playing video games (bless his heart!)
  • crawls into the kitchen cupboard to draw and calls it his office, sending mail through the sponge holder

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