Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A day in the life

I know I should be going to bed because it is after 1am, but I've decided to *slurp* my 2007/08 blog to blurb for printing, so while it loads I have time to post a little Day in My Life. I like to document the details of our life; someday I know I will love looking back on them. Here goes:
7:30 wake up, take shower and get dressed
8:00 give boys breakfast, make lunches, pack backpacks
8:30 hustle L & C out the door to bus stop
8:45 take M to swim class and knit while he swims
9:30 help M dry off and change
9:45 go to grocery store and do weekly shopping
10:45 unload and unpack groceries
11:00 eat lunch with M
11:30 brush M's teeth and pack him up for school
11:45 pick up carpool friend and drive boys to school
11:55 sit in looping line and knit
12:10 go to music store and pick up lesson book for L
12:25 pick up contacts at eye doctors
12:35 return books to library
12:45 volunteer in L's class for writing block
1:30 head home to pick up house, organize stUdio a bit and talk with sister while she drives home from work
2:15 drive to preschool to get M and friend
2:25 sit in VERY long looping line
2:53 drop of carpool friend and head to BJ's
3:35 back home to unload again, give M a snack prep dinner and wait for buses
4:00 L arrives home
4:05 C arrives home
4:10 oversee homework, dish out snack, make dinner
5:00 play Lego builder game with boys, and get up periodically to cook dinner
6:00 dinner is taking far longer than I thought to cook
6:15 rush through dinner so L can go to guitar lessons
6:35 clean up dinner dishes and reorganize game cupboard with C & M
7:00 head upstairs for showers, jammies, brushing
7:30 read books to C & M
8:00 talk with L as he gets ready for bed
8:15 retreat to stUdio to finish organizing, blogging, emailing, blogging, writing, sketching, blurbing, and blogging this post.
1:25 brush teeth, wash face and collapse into bed


Kayla said...

I am exhausted just reading this pack a lot into a day:)

LMc said...

" I know I am not alone"