Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Visit with Santa

Today was the annual visit with Santa. I prepped Maddox ahead of time with my very sympathetic pep talk: "You're only allowed to cry once with Santa, and you used up your cry last year. So there will be no crying when you sit on Santa's lap, got it?" Well, I guessed it worked, but I don't think his big brothers had the faith in him that I did. They were more interested in watching Maddox's reaction than seeing the big man himself:

We actually got a picture with everyone smiling:

And after the photo shoot, Maddox allowed Santa to actually talk to him and he even looked him in the eyes and smiled. I'm thinking after seeing what Santa brings him this Christmas, his whole outlook on the bearded man in the red suit is going to change completely.

Poor Camden, when Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas, the pressure was just too great and his mind went totally blank. He couldn't name a single thing on his list, even after several minutes of thought:

Before we left the mall we saw this adorable display set up in Macy's. The boys set right to work writing letters to Santa:Logan's Letter:

Camden's Letter:

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