Thursday, December 4, 2008

Breaking all the Rules

I seem to be breaking all the rules this holiday season. First the fake tree, and now I have just ordered our family Christmas card from Shutterfly. I had full intentions of hand-making my holiday cards this year (for the 7th year). I even had an adorable layout in mind based on a birthday invitation Camden had recieved. But Halloween came and went and I hadn't created a mock up of the card to be able to order my supplies. That's when I put Plan B into action: a digitally scrapped card that I could upload and have printed. Brilliant, and it buys me a bit more time since I don't have to individually craft each card on my ever-growing list. On comes Thanksgiving with full force (and lots of turkey and fixings), and still no digital card in the works. I hadn't even settled on a photo to use. . .or maybe I would take the boys on a photo shoot by trespassing on my neighbor's property to capture the New England-esque landscaping. Well, then Logan comes down with this bug and we are set back almost an entire week (and I, in no way mean this rambling to be a series of excuses for why you all are not receiving a handmade card from me this year--I fully admit that I am a slacker and a procrastinator in the worst way). So tonight I did it. I ordered our card and it was so easy it was scary--scaring me right into wondering if I'll ever do handmade again. A couple of clicks, a few swirls of the mouse to edit the photo (specifically edit Perry and I out of the photo), and voila 75 cards on their way to us for less than it costs me to make them.

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