Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween this year was loads of fun for everyone. Maddox was a little trooper treking from door to door keeping right up with his brothers. He didn't complain once and didn't need to be carried until the walk back to our house. Camden was in his glory trick-or-treating with his friend Lauren. And Logan was thrilled with his spooky costume, but conservatively decided not to keep his skull light lit for fear he'd run out the batteries before the night was over--typical of him! Some snapshots from the night:

Our l'il punkin: The hat he's wearing is from Logan's infant costume; think he'll be mad about that in 10 years?


What a crew: Skullzor, Tim Thomas of the BB's, and Pumpkin Boy


Lots of fun and lots of candy. We always dump it out and take an official count when we get home. Here are this year's stats:
Logan: 123 pieces
Camden: 132 pieces
Maddox: 81 pieces
Grand Total: 336 pieces of sugary, teeth-rotting, hyperactivity-inducing sweetness!

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