Monday, October 27, 2008

Check out what's got me so excited

I am so, so, so pumped for elsie's upcoming class. How can I resist a chance to take a class with this renowned and talented artist. Just look at her adorable little projects, and my life is just itching for as much creativity as I can soak up these days. After a bit of cajoling, I was able to cash in on an early Christmas present. Six weeks, 30 projects; this couldn't come at a worse time: amid shopping (I'm promising myself to get a good chunk done before Thanksgiving), holiday card making (this may be the year to go digital with these), an upcoming craft fair (fills up the stress-o-meter rather nicely all by itself), hosting the annual family Christmas party (not a biggie--everyone chips in, and with all those people, will anyone really notice if my floors aren't washed?!), cookie baking, gift wrapping, oh, and so much for getting a start on wedding invitations. And I just recalled I signed up for Jessica Sprague's journaling class which begins on the 9th. No worries, I have a super-awesome husband (hope you're reading this one, Honey) who will spoil me with loads of free time on all the weekends from now until Christmas. He says they boys are better behaved when I'm not around, anyway--here's his chance to test that theory. And a fantastic Mom who has graciously offered to take my boys, well the youngest three anyway--thanks, Mom, I'm gonna need it!
What's that saying? If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. Well, that'll be me for the next 8 weeks, but please, please, please do NOT ask me to do anything!

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