Thursday, July 31, 2008

Circle Journal

Our family started a circle journal earlier this month. Camden was my inspiration for creating this book. Since a Valentine's unit at preschool taught him to write notes to friends and family, we often find notes on our pillows at night. Now we have a home for all those love notes in this easy to make family keepsake. Each of us takes a turn writing to someone in the family, then that person writes to someone else, and the journal keeps moving along. The only rule: each note needs to be dated. This will be great to look back on, not only to see what was on our minds and in our hearts, but how adorable the boys' handwriting was!

Make your own by covering an inexpensive composition notebook (flooding the store shelves for back to school right now) with patterned papers. Personalize your family's book with a monogrammed chipboard letter covered in paper or paint. The kids can even help!

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