Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What we did on our summer vacation

This summer we went on a vacation to Maine.  
We did a lot of fun things, ate a lot of yummy food, and saw a lot of great things.

We stayed at this hotel.  We wanted to stay forever because they make the beds for you!

We sat on the beach under sunny blue skies

and played in the water when we got too hot

We saw sailboats

and seagulls

We watched fireworks over the beach

They were beautiful and sparkly

Four people built an amazing sandcastle on the beach.  Lots of people stopped to see it.

The beach was crowded with people and umbrellas

We ate delicious food everyday

We shopped for a lot of cool things

But the candy store was our most favoritest

We visited Portland

And ate the best hotdogs ever made

We were forced to pose for Mom's photo shoots

  This is our mom and dad's favorite restaurant to visit

 And this is what they always get when they eat there

Mom and Dad are dreaming of living in a house by the sea

But until then, we can't wait to go back to Maine next year

 The End

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