Tuesday, April 13, 2010

today i...

  1. made a fabric covered journal
  2. made flowers out of dryer sheets
  3. made a new art journal out of boxes from our recycle bin (think crackers, waffles, cereal, etc.)
  4. made a mini journal from a kleenex box
  5. made sculpey clay animals with the boys
  6. nearly finished a layout with MLS product
  7. started a layout that uses a bandana as its background
  8. started an art journal page
all in all a very productive day.  just wanted to make a note of it.

i'm in production mode, and want to savor every bit of it.
i know it won't last.
not being pessimistic,
just realistic.
it's just how it goes...

oh, and i threw an UNO's deep dish pizza in the oven and called it dinner!

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