Monday, November 16, 2009

Holidays in Hand {day one: goals}

Part two: Turn your values into specific goals.
  1. We will spend quality time together as a family each weekend in December.
  2. We will continue our family traditions (gingerbread house, baking a cookie a day for 5, church on Christmas Eve, ornaments and stories, reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, etc), and will begin one new tradition (have to think on this one!)
  3. We will choose a name from the giving tree at church.
  4. We will light our advent candles at dinner and say a prayer.
  5. I will log gratitudes weekly and remain thankful for all that we have.
  6. We will bake a cookie a day for the five days before Christmas, and give some away to friends.
  7. I will make at least three handmade gifts for my family/friends this year (I'm hoping for more, but let's be realistic--see #9 below) .
  8. I will record daily happenings, thoughts, rememberances in my December Daily album.
  9. I will not get caught up in the stress that often accompanies this season, but will relax and enjoy the beauty, peace, and gift of it.
  10. I will resume my photo a day for December.
  11. We will play Christmas music (lots of it) and dance around the family room to it!
  12. We will decorate our tree and home together (Perry, I hope you're reading this one!)
  13. I will take time for peaceful reflection each day, either in my head, journal, December Daily album, or here on my blog.
  14. I will reread my values and goals when I feel like I am falling off track.

Statement of Commitment:

I, Michelle Neddo, commit to live in the moment this December, to take time each and every day to reflect, record, and remember the beauty that is Christmas. I will slow down, no matter how difficult at times that may be, no matter what forces, thoughts, and stresses may be tugging at me. I will enjoy this holiday season for the gift that it is.


LMc said...

Just wanted to say that I love this idea of listing your prioritized personal values and goals in how to keep them in the forefront of the busy holiday season...I even mentioned it at a recent Organizing Group meeting I went to, a good perspective to have, I think.

Kayla said...

Luke and I just read this entry together...and he said "Should we do all those things?"

Absolutely, thanks for spreading such good energy, always!

kate said...

I agree! What a fantastic way to begin the holiday season- with a list reminding us of all of the things we want to and need to stay focused upon. Thanks for the wonderful idea!

alexandra s.m. said...

Michelle, I love this!
It is both extremely inspiring and moving.
If you don't mind I'm going to come back to your list and try to live up to it as well!
Thank You for sharing this with us.

It would be a wonderful way to start the December Daily BTW!