Friday, May 30, 2008

Remember Today 5.29.08

{remember} the craziness of a day in this life:

7:00 wake, edit letter for teacher scrapbook projects while boys eat breakfast
8:35 put Logan on bus after making sure he is dressed, brushed, packed
9:15 leave for hospital to bring the gifts Camden donated from his birthday
10:30 Walmart for envies for teacher scrapbook project
11:00 home, lunch for C & M, cut 68 squares of cardstock, print and cut letters, stuff and label 15 envelopes
11:45 drive C to school and distribute his class' envelopes
12:15 arrive at L's school to volunteer during reading time
1:00 go to lunch with L and his class; stuff and label remaining 19 envelopes for scrapbooks 1:45 run home to grab camera I forgot
2:00 back at L's school for Talking Books fair--so adorable!
3:30 home with Logan, homework, and outside with boys
5:00 grab dinner from McDonald's and Wendy's (they have WAY better salads)
5:25 dinner on the table (thank goodness I didn't have to cook it)
5:30 out the door to Kate's graduation ceremony
5:45 wolf down most of my salad at my sister's house
6:00 arrive at high school for lots of waiting, finish rest of salad and have rush of guilt for having to put the plastic bowl in the trash (no recycling bin)
7:30-10:00 watch Kate's speech and a dozen others before seeing 384 students walk across the stage (yippee! but boy did my butt hurt!!)
10:30 back home and collapse into bed for a good night's sleep
1:20 not so fast, wake to find Camden in my bed with a bellyache
1:30 in the bathroom with C vomitting into the toilet
1:45 more vomitting and back rubbing
2:00 and again
2:15 some more
2:30 where does all this come from, poor kid
3:00-6:00 a restless night filled with lots more vomitting, soothing words, and back rubs and little to no sleep.

Motherhood is not for the weak!

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